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Evaluating your Marketing Performance

There’s a fine art (and science) to measuring marketing performance. Some things can’t be directly attributed, but we can show you indirect ways to know if your activities are working. Marketing has to be accountable, giving you confidence to invest and scale.

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That your money’s being spent in the right places

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To invest and get a return

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To dial activity up and down as needed

Measure your way to success

Every marketing activity needs a defined objective, with key performance indicators (KPIs). We’ll set the right KPIs from the start, make sure they line up to your business goals, and help you set up the mechanisms to track performance. Getting this right lets you understand your acquisition costs and gives you the information you need to optimise budget.

  • Activity & sales funnel audit

  • Measurement audit

  • Gap analysis

  • KPI framework

  • Tracking solutions

  • Dashboard specification

What you get

Activity audit

We’ll run through your existing activity, as well as the customer journey, and map out key actions to show your activity has had an impact.


1. Activity and objectives log
2. Customer journey / sales funnel review
3. Customer action mapping

Measurement audit

We’ll assess your current metrics and performance data, matching them to the activity audit to identify gaps.


1. Metrics log
2. Technical assessment of tracking mechanisms
3. Activity and metrics gap analysis

Measurement framework & tracking solutions

We’ll recommend the right KPIs and associated metrics for the activities you do, along with the best way of tracking each metric.


1. Core metrics recommendation
2. Activity level tracking mechanisms
3. Technical requirements for tracking set-up (tagging, pixels, action definitions)

Dashboard specification

We’ll map out a marketing dashboard for your business, detailing the different sales funnel stages and relevant metrics.


1. Recommended metrics for each sales funnel stage
2. Recommended benchmarks
3. Frequency of measurement

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“Over the past 9 months Bethan has been an integral part of translating our growth ambitions into a tangible long term plan and has worked closely with our senior team to define and validate an exciting new direction for the business.”

Andy Longhurst,

Managing Director

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“Open Velocity provided vital marketing support at a pivotal time in YorkTest’s ongoing journey to build on our UK market presence and expand into the US. Their support has contributed to a record year for our company in 2022 and helped us lay solid foundations for future growth”

Richard Dawson,


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“Working with Bethan has been a huge success for our business and I personally can't recommend her enough. She worked with our marketing function and in a short few months, completely reset our strategy and vision for the growth of the agency. We initially engaged her for a one-off project but the value she has been able to contribute has led us to extend our partnership for the foreseeable future.”

Mikey Emery,

Commercial Director

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“Requirements were captured in a very short space of time, and the end result is always to a very high standard. We could not operate at the level we are without support from Open Velocity. We hope to continue this relationship for many years to come, thank you for all the support so far!”

John Wells,

Head of Sales & Marketing

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“Working with Open Velocity has been extremely valuable for 34SP. They helped us understand what makes us special in a busy market and how to share that message with our customers. Their work has made a big difference for our business, giving us a solid foundation to continue to build upon.”

Stuart Melling,

Co-Founder & Business Development Director

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Head in the right direction

We know the right questions to ask. From evaluating what you’re doing today, developing your brand positioning and launch plans, to helping your teams execute, we’ll make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

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