Case Study


Company Profile

Founded: 1982

Business type: HealthTech

Engagement goals: Support UK & US growth

Collaborating with: Senior Management Team, Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media Executive and Digital Marketing Executive

Service: Fractional CMO, 11 months

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The Challenge

YorkTest is a leading health and wellness company with over 40 years of expertise in food intolerance and allergy testing in the home-to-laboratory blood testing market. With both B2B and B2C propositions, the business has a strong ecommerce presence alongside corporate and practitioner channels.

In order to expand its product line, increase brand awareness and market share, YorkTest has recently diversified into the US market, building on its established reputation in the UK. However, the company faced increasing competition in a rapidly growing market, making it crucial to reinforce its competitive advantage and strengthen its brand presence.

The Process

Open Velocity provided fractional CMO services to YorkTest starting in February 2022, supporting the senior management team, in-house marketing team, and external agency relationships. We helped advise and deliver on marketing strategies across both the B2C and B2B sides of the business, including new product launches, customer experience improvements, marketing channel expansion, and SEO improvements.

The Results

Thanks to our efforts, YorkTest successfully secured new investment from NVM Private Equity in July 2022. Since February, the company has also seen a 25% increase in UK ecommerce sales and a 38% increase in US ecommerce sales. Open Velocity also helped the management team drive a 150% increase in US organic users and a 25% increase in YorkTest’s non-brand paid search conversion rate.

In addition, direct traffic revenue increased by 24% in the UK and 41% in the US, indicating increased brand demand. We also helped YorkTest successfully recruit and expand its existing marketing team, including a social media executive and senior marketing manager.

Overall, our work with YorkTest helped the company successfully diversify its product line, increase brand awareness and market share, improve its competitive advantage, and strengthen its brand presence in a rapidly growing market.

“Open Velocity provided vital marketing support at a pivotal time in YorkTest’s ongoing journey to build on our UK market presence and expand into the US. Their support has contributed to a record year for our company in 2022 and helped us lay solid foundations for future growth”

Richard Dawson, CEO, YorkTest

“We have been working with Bethan and OV over the past year, during which time she has helped us structure our marketing department and operations, define a bold vision for enhancing our customer experience and refine our marketing plans and resourcing.”

John Wiechula, CFO, YorkTest

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