The Brave

A podcast from Open Velocity

Hosted by our managing partner, Bethan Vincent

What is The Brave?

The Brave is a podcast about the people, companies, systems and ideas that are contributing to creating a better future.

We speak to experts and innovators about what it takes to build new products, create new markets and challenge the status quo. We’ve interviewed industry experts like Melissa Quinn, the Head of Cornwall Spaceport and start-up founders like Maury Shenk, Founder of LearnerShape.

Frankly, we started The Brave as an excuse to have interesting conversations with interesting people.

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Net Zero for All: Can We Make It Happen? #63

As we step into the week of the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), we’re excited to share our latest episode featuring an insightful conversation...

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Megaprojects, AI and Project Management #62

In this episode, I chat to Greg Lawton, co-founder of Nodes and Links, and delve into the transformative role of technology, particularly AI, in streamlining the...

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The Future of Commercial Space Technology #61

In the first of two episodes featuring Phil Brunkard, an experienced Technology Leader with a passion for Digital Transformation and Innovation, we slip the surly bonds...

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Predicting the future of the internet #60

Something is changing. A great shift looms on the horizon, heralding the dawn of a new era for the internet as we know it. In this...

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Is Lifelong Learning The Future of Education? #59

In this conversation, our guest Maury Shenk, founder and CEO of LearnerShape, and Director and General Counsel of PeopleCert, talks with Bethan about the importance of...

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Leveraging AI: Mitigating risks and maximising marketing impact in 2023 #58

In this episode we explore how AI, with the specific example of chat GPT, is shaking up the marketing and wider content sectors, what we can...

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Can an app unchain us from our desks? #57

The new year is a time when a lot of us think about making positive changes to our health and fitness. In this episode, we interview...

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Stress, sleep and better supplements #56

Is modern life driving driving insomnia? How do you build a trusted brand in a traditionally controversial space? How can D2C brands navigate recessionary and inflationary...

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Can we automate decision making? #55

Can we trust machines with commercial decision making? What are the advantages and limitations? Can we truly use data to get insights into irrational human preferences?...

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