Case Study


Company Profile

Founded: 2012

Business type: Digital Marketing Agency

Engagement goals: Develop and deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy

Collaborating with: Senior Marketing Manager and Commercial Director, alongside wider Sales and Client Service Teams

Service: Go-to-market strategy & Fractional CMO, 12+ months

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The Challenge

After an impressive period of growth and client acquisition, Impression were ready to take the next step in their journey and position themselves as one of the UK’s leading multi-channel digital agencies.

They therefore needed to create a marketing strategy that would match their ambitions and articulate exactly how Impression would define, reach and convert its best fit customers.

While Impression has significant internal expertise to support a marketing strategy rollout, the business also wanted to ensure that this was deployed efficiently on the marketing channels that would drive the greatest return.

The Process

Working closely with Impression’s own internal marketing team to provide marketing leadership and strategic support, we helped the business translate commercial goals into a scalable marketing strategy.

This included a full review of ICPs, personas, positioning, commercial goals and messaging. We also helped support Impression in translating this strategy into action by advising and co-creating a fully-resourced marketing plan.

The Results

We helped Impression:

  • Refine their target markets and positioning to focus on their best fit customer-base
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, channel plan and resource plan
  • Set clear commercial goals in partnership with their sales team

“Working with Bethan has been a huge success for our business and I personally can’t recommend her enough. She worked with our marketing function and in a short few months, completely reset our strategy and vision for the growth of the agency. We initially engaged her for a one-off project but the value she has been able to contribute has led us to extend our partnership for the foreseeable future.”

Mikey Emery, Commercial Director, Impression

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