Case Study

Lead Tech

Company Profile

Founded: 2011

Business type: B2B Lead Generation

Engagement goals: Improve revenue and profitability

Collaborating with: C-Suite, Senior Leadership Team, Digital Team

Service: Fractional CMO, 13 months

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The Challenge

Lead Tech is one of the UK’s largest financial services lead generators, receiving over 1 million visits each year and attracting leads across financial advice, retirement planning, equity release, and private medical insurance. However, the lead generation industry has low barriers to entry and high competition, making it crucial for Lead Tech to reinforce its competitive advantage by becoming customer-focused and innovating its service offering.

The Process

Open Velocity provided fractional CMO services to Lead Tech, working closely with the company to structure its digital team, recruit further expertise, and build an ambitious strategy to transform its business model and reach a mass-market B2C audience. We also helped devise a product roadmap that clearly articulated how the company would manage its transformation and benchmark progress against key commercial milestones. We also helped recruit key roles into the business, including a Head of Marketing and Paid Search Specialists

The Results

  • Introduction of product function within the organisation
  • Translation of mission and vision into clear roadmap and tangible milestones
  • Ongoing mentorship and support for internal digital team
  • Introduction of commercial modelling for new propositions
  • Development of B2C and B2B strategies that enhanced propositions on both sides of Lead Tech’s model
  • Launch of first new product MVP in early 2022

“Over the past 9 months Bethan has been an integral part of translating our growth ambitions into a tangible long term plan and has worked closely with our senior team to define and validate an exciting new direction for the business.”

Andy Longhurst, Managing Director, Lead Tech

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