About Open Velocity


We’re a team of senior marketing consultants who love unpicking challenges, solving for success and getting results. We work collaboratively to bring different perspectives to each brief, meaning our clients benefit from the full extent of our experience. This adds rigour to our process and delivers better results.

Meet the team

When you work with us, you’re pulling on the experience of the collective. Here’s who we are.

Bethan Vincent
Managing Partner

B2B marketer and entrepreneur, with over 12 years of marketing experience and leading teams at Marketing Director level. Bethan knows what it’s like to start your own businesses, she’s a regular speaker at international conferences and podcast host of ‘The Brave’.

Sector experience:
#SaaS #TechnologyServices #DigitalAgencies #ecommerce

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Jon Paget
Senior Partner

B2C & B2B marketer and University Lecturer, with close to 20 years of marketing experience. Jon’s managed global marketing teams, has worked in large organisations and start-ups, and knows what it’s like to be part of a founding team.

Sector experience:
#Sustainability #ClimateTech #SocialTech #Travel

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Lisa Wood
Senior Partner

B2C and B2B marketer, with 30 years marketing experience, 10 years at Chief Marketing Officer / Director level. Lisa’s worked in private equity, large corporates and start-ups, with experience of building brands from the ground up.

Sector experience:
#Fintech #Banking #Travel #LegalServices

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Desmond Clarke
Operations Manager

Operations specialist with over a decade of experience supporting organisations in the public and private sectors. As an award-winning composer and algorithmic artist, Des also brings his creativity to the team.

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Miles Welch Profile Picture

Miles Welch

Growth adviser specialising in technology and marketing service sectors. Having spent much of his career running and scaling businesses, he’s now a founder, running his own advisory company.

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Only the best

In our game reputation is everything, so we’re picky about our team. We look for people with great marketing pedigrees, who have delivered success in different types of organisations, with varied sector experience. We recruit people who add to our skills-mix so clients benefit from the diversity of the team. We recruit direction-setters – people who know how to add value and get results.

We’re a growing business and are often on the look-out for fresh talent to join the team. For our latest updates and job opportunities, follow us on LinkedIn.


The Way We Work


We solve problems and feel at home with complexity. We simplify the complex and bring a clear perspective.


We challenge constructively, question the status quo and engage with competing perspectives.


We uncover the facts, analyse the data, put the customer in the room and draw conclusions.


We act with pace, look for opportunities
to bring incremental change and drive results.


We share our experience and expertise,
invite opinion and collaborate to get
the best outcomes.

A chat costs nothing

And it could be the best thing you do for your business.
If you’re not quite sure what you need from us, you’ll know the issues you’re up against and we’ll help figure out where we can best fit in. We’ll always do what’s best for your business, so if we can’t help, we’ll say so.

Get in touch by completing the form or email us at hello@openvelocity.co.uk