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Accelerate growth with a Fractional CMO

When you need senior marketing leadership but can’t justify a full-time hire, our Fractional CMOs offer the expertise you need to set and execute a winning strategy. Drive growth and hit your targets without the full-time cost.

Identify the exact marketing support you need in 2 minutes.

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Gain honest feedback, strategic guidance, and ownership of your marketing performance.

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Enjoy retained support on a days-per-month or project basis, tailored to your needs.

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Access senior marketing expertise for a fraction of the full-time cost.

What we do

A Fractional CMO is a fresh pair of eyes for your business and a sounding board for the senior team. We can oversee marketing activities, making sure they’re properly measured, working with the team to test new channels and approaches. We will also use the results to optimise your marketing spend for return, while hitting your business goals.

You can ask us to build marketing teams, assess skills gaps, develop and coach existing team members, assess agency support and marketing technology needs – we’re here to make sure you have the right capabilities to match your growth plans.

  • Embed a marketing strategy into your business

  • Set & review marketing goals

  • Oversee marketing activity

  • Monitor performance

  • Instigate, test & learn new marketing approaches

  • Coach, mentor & support your team

Our Fractional CMOs

Bethan Vincent
Managing Partner

B2B & B2C marketer and entrepreneur, with over 12 years of marketing experience and leading teams at Board level. Bethan knows what it’s like to start your own digital and e-commerce businesses, they are a regular speaker at international conferences and podcast host of ‘The Brave’.

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Jon Paget
Senior Partner

B2C & B2B marketer and University Lecturer, with close to 20 years of marketing experience. Jon’s managed global marketing teams, has worked in large organisations and start-ups, and knows what it’s like to be part of a founding team.

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Lisa Wood
Senior Partner

B2C and B2B marketer, with 30 years marketing experience, 10 years at Chief Marketing Officer / Director level. Lisa’s worked in private equity, large corporates and start-ups, with experience of building brands from the ground up.

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Who we Help

Is technology at the heart of your business? Maybe you operate in a market that’s difficult to navigate with complex products and services, and a diverse customer base. Is your business centred around proprietary technology or IP, or where there is a high degree of complexity in the market, proposition, or target audience?

Our Fractional CMOs are comfortable with a challenge.

We specialise in working with Founders, CEOs, Executive Teams, and Investment Firms from early-stage startups to high-growth businesses. Our expertise lies in unraveling complexity and providing clear, actionable marketing strategies that drive results.

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Our Success Stories

Leadtech logo

“Over the past 9 months Bethan has been an integral part of translating our growth ambitions into a tangible long term plan and has worked closely with our senior team to define and validate an exciting new direction for the business.”

Andy Longhurst,

Managing Director

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Yorktest logo

“Open Velocity provided vital marketing support at a pivotal time in YorkTest’s ongoing journey to build on our UK market presence and expand into the US. Their support has contributed to a record year for our company in 2022 and helped us lay solid foundations for future growth”

Richard Dawson,


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Impression Logo

“Working with Bethan has been a huge success for our business and I personally can't recommend her enough. She worked with our marketing function and in a short few months, completely reset our strategy and vision for the growth of the agency. We initially engaged her for a one-off project but the value she has been able to contribute has led us to extend our partnership for the foreseeable future.”

Mikey Emery,

Commercial Director

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“Requirements were captured in a very short space of time, and the end result is always to a very high standard. We could not operate at the level we are without support from Open Velocity. We hope to continue this relationship for many years to come, thank you for all the support so far!”

John Wells,

Head of Sales & Marketing

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“Working with Open Velocity has been extremely valuable for 34SP. They helped us understand what makes us special in a busy market and how to share that message with our customers. Their work has made a big difference for our business, giving us a solid foundation to continue to build upon.”

Stuart Melling,

Co-Founder & Business Development Director

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  • How much does a fractional CMO cost?

    A fractional CMO will generally charge a day rate and this will vary based on the level of experience you’re getting. The real benefit is you’ll pay a fraction of the cost compared to the salary of a full-time CMO, but get a significant amount of expertise injected into your business by paying for just a few days a month.

    Current CMO salaries are around £100,000 at the low-end, up to £350,000 a year – research gives you a wide range, with salaries being highly dependent on experience. When calculating a day rate, you’d usually allow +30% uplift and then divide by 220 days to get a day rate.

  • How do I find a reputable fractional CMO?

    Ask your network or peers for recommendations, search on recruitment platforms, or post a job ad on LinkedIn. There’s plenty of people offering these services, the key is knowing they’re right for your business. Get someone who has relevant experience in your sector, ensure their experience matches up to what you want them to do, and make sure you think you’ll like working with them. Don’t underestimate this last point.

  • How much time does a fractional CMO typically spend in the business?

    They would typically work for a set number of days a month – 3 to 4 days a month is often enough, depending on the size of the business. You can achieve a lot in a short space of time if you’re really clear on what your goals are. You may want to work this out with your fractional CMO as an initial phase of their engagement.

  • What types of companies benefit most from hiring a fractional CMO?

    Any business who can’t justify a permanent CMO or senior level marketer, but need increased marketing support to meet their business goals – e.g. high growth, increasing marketing investment, growing teams. We find businesses that are starting to scale get the most value out of a fractional CMO.

  • Can a fractional CMO work remotely?

    We find working remotely isn’t a problem for most businesses, but that does need to be considered when you’re finding the right fractional CMO to support you. In a hybrid working world, meeting the team face-to-face is often useful, particularly in the early stages of the engagement, but then following up remotely makes for an efficient use of time.

  • What are some common challenges when working with a fractional CMO?

    They’re only in your business for a set number of hours/days a month, so you need to be disciplined on what you get them involved in. Have set objectives and don’t pull them into the day-to-day, so you get the most value out of them.

    They may not always know the detailed inner workings of your business, so make sure you choose someone who works collaboratively, asks lots of questions and will use the experience of the broader business to help achieve your goals.

Head in the right direction

We know the right questions to ask. From evaluating what you’re doing today, developing your brand positioning and launch plans, to helping your teams execute, we’ll make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

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