Case Study

AGSS Group

Company Profile

Founded: 2012

Business type: Manufacturing Technology

Engagement goals: Positioning and GTM strategy

Collaborating with: Senior Management Team including Sales Director, Innovations Director and General Manager

Service: Fractional CMO, 13+ months

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The Challenge

AGSS is a group of software companies offering a range of software platforms for organisations in the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector.

Their expertise, combined with integrated solutions from subsidiaries Redthorn, Waypoint Global, and Singlepoint, allows AGSS to serve different markets through tailored propositions and help manufacturing and engineering businesses leverage technology to improve operations, drive quality, and boost performance.

Historically, AGSS has relied on customer referrals to fill their pipeline across each brand within the group, but were now looking to expand beyond this to build a full-funnel marketing programme to drive inbound and outbound leads.

The business also had concerns about the positioning of its core product, Singlepoint and whether this was best positioned as a Business Management System or Quality Management System. Both categories have advantages and disadvantages and the Singlepoint team were keen to place themselves in the category that made the platform’s value front and centre for its best fit customers.

The Senior management wanted to therefore better understand the competition and market dynamics to define clear positioning that would put Singlepoint’s strengths at the forefront.

Finally, the business wanted to raise the profile of new innovations and product developments coming out of the group and build AGSS’ reputation as a group of companies that sits at the cutting edge of process improvement software for advanced industries.

Open Velocity was engaged to deliver against these challenges and provide overarching strategic direction for the group’s marketing.

The Process

Open Velocity’s work with the AGSS group has focused on the following areas:

  • Positioning and messaging

  • Competitor and market analysis

  • Go-to-market strategy

Initially, we worked closely with AGSS in mapping the complex market environment within which it operates through competitor and audience analysis. We applied this market intelligence in developing positioning and propositions for the range of AGSS products, with a focus on Singlepoint, the flagship product.

We completely redeveloped the architecture of the Singlepoint website to centre the core messaging, showcase the capabilities of the platform, improve the customer journey and ultimately drive increased leads. We also helped Singlepoint deliver on a programme of customer feedback to build up third-party proof to support its positioning and improve its trust signals within the market.

Working alongside the innovation team, we assisted with a number of new product and feature launches, including an Innovate-UK-backed Carbon Calculator and a new Energy Monitoring Solution, managing marketing and PR to target both new and existing customers.

We also attend quarterly business review meetings to support the management team and provide senior marketing input into key business decisions including product development and international strategy.

The Results

Over the course of our engagement, we accomplished several key objectives that have catalysed AGSS’s success.

Firstly, we made significant strides in the re-positioning of Singlepoint. Our strategy focused on making it stand out as a differentiated Quality Management System (QMS) product in the market. We meticulously revamped the core messaging across all key assets, adding a layer of depth and cohesion to the brand’s communication and effectively improving its resonance with the target audience.

Next, we turned our attention to Singlepoint’s digital platform. Acknowledging that the website is often the first point of contact for prospective clients, we worked in tandem with AGSS and their development agency to create a brand new website for Singlepoint. We not only assisted with the architectural design and layout of the site but also ensured that our refreshed messaging was reflected throughout.

Lastly, but most importantly, our strategies have made a tangible impact on AGSS’s business acquisition process. We implemented techniques to improve the inflow of new business via both outbound and inbound channels. This holistic approach has boosted AGSS’s presence in the market, generating more leads and driving significant business growth.

“Requirements were captured in a very short space of time, and the end result is always to a very high standard. We could not operate at the level we are without support from Open Velocity. We hope to continue this relationship for many years to come, thank you for all the support so far!”

John Wells, Head of Sales & Marketing of Agile Group Systems & Services

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