The Future of Commercial Space Technology #61

In the first of two episodes featuring Phil Brunkard, an experienced Technology Leader with a passion for Digital Transformation and Innovation, we slip the surly bonds of Earth to explore the revolution happening within commercial space technology.

The low earth orbit (LEO) sector is currently experiencing significant expansion. In this episode we explore the new markets and spaces this is opening up, and the opportunities it presents for businesses and consumers.

We also look at the risks, both commercial and social, associated with this growth, such as space junk (Kessler Syndrome), privacy issues, and inconsistent regulation across national boundaries.

Finally, we look at the long-term future of LEO technologies, and their potential to become a core pillar of digital infrastructure.

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Bethan Vincent, Managing Partner

B2B marketer and entrepreneur, with over 12 years of marketing experience and leading teams at Marketing Director level. Bethan knows what it’s like to start your own businesses, they are a regular speaker at international conferences and podcast host of ‘The Brave’.

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