Event - Apr 28

How agencies should approach growth in 2023

This webinar was designed for marketing agency owners seeking to navigate the changing economic landscape. Our panel of industry experts, including top M&A firm Milestone Advisory, discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by the current business environment.

As markets change and competition intensifies, agencies must adapt and evolve to remain competitive. In this webinar, we explored how agencies can respond to these challenges with innovative strategies that focus on building competitive advantage and becoming acquisition ready. Our experts shared insights on the latest trends and best practices for staying ahead of the curve.

In addition, we discussed the strategies for agency growth, both from an acquirer and acquired standpoint. We examined which sectors will see increased or decreased demand in the years to come and how agencies should approach their growth strategies accordingly.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical advice for navigating 2023 and beyond.

Our Speakers

Bethan Vincent, Managing Partner, Open Velocity

Jon Paget, Senior Partner, Milestone Advisory

Kiri Craig, Managing Partner, Onebite

Photo of Bethan Vincent

Bethan Vincent, Managing Partner

B2B marketer and entrepreneur, with over 12 years of marketing experience and leading teams at Marketing Director level. Bethan knows what it’s like to start your own businesses, they are a regular speaker at international conferences and podcast host of ‘The Brave’.

April 28, 2023
12:00 - 12:30

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