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You’ve done a competitor analysis, now what?

It’s so easy for a competitor analysis to end up being a time-consuming process that doesn’t deliver any real value. Pages of detailed information can be...

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Is Lifelong Learning The Future of Education? #59

In this conversation, our guest Maury Shenk, founder and CEO of LearnerShape, and Director and General Counsel of PeopleCert, talks with Bethan about the importance of...

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Leveraging AI: Mitigating risks and maximising marketing impact in 2023 #58

In this episode we explore how AI, with the specific example of chat GPT, is shaking up the marketing and wider content sectors, what we can...

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Can ChatGPT and other AI be used in marketing and if so, how?

Written By Jon Paget. Leveraging AI in marketing Inspired by a number of conversations among the team, we recently held a webinar on whether AI – and...

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Can an app unchain us from our desks? #57

The new year is a time when a lot of us think about making positive changes to our health and fitness. In this episode, we interview...

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What our friendships can teach us about brand building

Do we choose our friends? If you’re struggling for an answer, think back to your school days (hazy as they might be). Who we’re friends with...

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Research-led insight to recession-proof your marketing

Written By Jon Paget. LinkedIn is awash with “useful” recession-based marketing advice though it’s often superficial and woolly, simply telling business owners and senior marketers not...

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Stress, sleep and better supplements #56

Is modern life driving driving insomnia? How do you build a trusted brand in a traditionally controversial space? How can D2C brands navigate recessionary and inflationary...

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What is a fractional CMO?

Written By Bethan Vincent. You know you need to hire a talented marketing executive to move the needle in your business, but the resources simply aren’t...

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