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Megaprojects, AI and Project Management #62

In this episode, I chat to Greg Lawton, co-founder of Nodes and Links, and delve into the transformative role of technology, particularly AI, in streamlining the...

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A marketing lens: the growing pains of building a business

When you’re in the thick of growing a business, it can be hard to know where to focus to get your growth on-track. Time and time...

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Three marketing trends that will affect your growth

Last year was very hard for many businesses, with AIM’s performance vs the FTSE 100 as evidence that small businesses are struggling most of all. According...

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The five marketing trends that almost no one is talking about

Ask any business owner or senior marketer and they’ll tell you the same thing. Putting a name to a business, brand or product can be difficult....

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What you need to know about the GA4 transition

We’ve known for a while that Google was due to retire Universal Analytics in July of 2023 and replace it with its successor, Google Analytics 4....

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Is your marketing building trust in your brand?

Research by GWI and Edelman has indicated how trust is a commodity in increasingly short supply. Governments, banks, big brands, news organisations and social media companies...

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The Future of Commercial Space Technology #61

In the first of two episodes featuring Phil Brunkard, an experienced Technology Leader with a passion for Digital Transformation and Innovation, we slip the surly bonds...

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Using B2C Strategies to Build your B2B Pipeline

Written by Jon Paget. Historically labelled the less glamorous sibling (to B2C), B2B businesses have long been told that lead gen trumps brand building, buying cycles...

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Predicting the future of the internet #60

Something is changing. A great shift looms on the horizon, heralding the dawn of a new era for the internet as we know it. In this...

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