Case Study

Darts corner

Company Profile

Founded: 2005

Business type: eCommerce (wholesale and D2C)

Engagement goals: International go to market strategy

Collaborating with: Managing Director, Marketing Team, External Agencies

Service: Go To Market

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The Challenge

Darts Corner, the UK’s top online darts shop since 2005, offers diverse products for amateur and pro players. Beyond retail, they provided valuable resources such as equipment guides and game tips, catering to a diverse market. Their product range includes both their own brands and offerings from renowned brands in the darts world.

The company aimed to increase direct-to-consumer sales within the UK and expand into international markets, including the US and Europe, with the ultimate goal of driving increased revenue in these new geographies. To achieve this, they required a domain strategy to establish new websites and reach audiences unfamiliar with Darts Corner.

The Process

To help achieve this goal we began with a thorough strategic analysis to inform Dart Corners positioning, brand messaging, and marketing activities, including an assessment of the European market demand for future expansion.

Based on this analysis we provided support across three key areas: 

Strategic Planning and Entry:

We conducted thorough analysis, including historical UK performance, to define a market entry strategy and enhance the UK marketing approach, strengthening Darts Corner’s domestic position.

Post-Launch Assessment and Refinement:

After the launch in new territories, we completed a comprehensive review which evaluated performance against expectations. We provided clear, prioritised recommendations for internal execution, refining the international marketing strategy.

Resource Optimisation and Channel Enhancement:

We identified gaps in the marketing resource plan and facilitated agency appointments for data analytics and SEO. We also provided detailed recommendations for enhancing Darts Corner’s email strategy to boost engagement and revenue from the existing customer base.

The Results

  • Achieved a successful launch into new territories, creating a substantial new revenue stream.

  • Provided support during one of Darts Corner’s most robust seasonal trading periods. Recorded a remarkable 25% increase in revenue compared to the previous year, despite economic challenges.
  • Instilled confidence in the business’s direction and future plans, underlining the positive impact of the strategies implemented.

It is a pleasure to work alongside Open Velocity, the strategic insight and direction they provided gave us clarity and helped prioritise our plans for the upcoming 12 – 18 months

Craig Heenighan, Managing Director

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